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Dear elena, if giving you a freakin necklace was selfless then what do you call stefan leaving town because he thought he was putting your life at risk even though it killed him to walk away from you? What do you call fighting every single nerve in his body to stop drinking human blood because he loved you too damn much? What do you call fighting an original’s compulsion (which was impossible btw) to not feed on you? What do you call giving himself up and leaving you with his brother (which he knew was in love with you) to save his miserable life? What do you call offering himself as a replacement for jenna to die so you won’t have to lose anymore family? What do you call going into a tomb and risking spending his whole life in it because he heard you scream? What do you call going inside the same freakin tomb again only this time its with kathetine (who made his life a living hell and physically and mentally abused him) to save your brother?


So uh if Elena loved Damon so madly at that moment then why did she spend an entire season after that moment madly searching for Stefan? Why did she fight so hard to bring him back not only to Mystic Falls but to her? Why did she choose to be with Stefan when she was asked to die with one of the brothers? 


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They took the one fucking thing left of Stelena( the necklace) and made it about delena. Fuck you all

i mean really!

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Anonymous Asked: No need to apologize. I'm not boring or elitist. I'm just intelligent and capable of following a narrative without being led by the hand through it. DE isn't fanservice and it never was as is obvious from the writing and development of their relationship from the very beginning of the series. SE was A love story but it was never THE love story. The fact that you fail to understand that or just need to tell yourself otherwise in order to feel better is your problem.


Oh you poor thing. I do not fail to understand anything. And i do not care about the vampire diaries so making myself “feel better” about it is certainly not the case. I do not need to be led through a narrative to understand just how awful it has become, if i was led to anything by this show, it was straight to a hellish universe where characters like Damon and Elena are heroes. 

Here’s whats up, The Vampire Diaries was an interesting narrative, one with mythology and story lines and an overarching love story between two characters that were thrown odds but always found their way back to each other. At some point in the narrative the writers decided to change directions, because after all, a show with a love triangle needs to explore the other point of the triangle. And so, the writers, as they should, did that. But here’s the thing about tvd and it’s fans. Most of them do not have the capability to understand basic story telling and basic mythology or have very developed morals so they immediately fell for this side of the triangle, because it’s “consuming” and “dangerous” and “sexy” and well, frankly, abusive and disgusting. But again, these fans are pretty underdeveloped so there we have it. And the writers, being writers that make money off of their writing, wants to capitalize on this fandom so they can, here’s the kicker, keep their god damn jobs. And so they do, and they continue to do so. And they will continue to do so.

If you do recall, there are plenty of quotes in which Kevin Williamson—the main writer at the beginning of this show you are so entitled to know everything about—states that the story is always Stelena. He is gone and so is that story, therefore the show is shit and premieres with only a million viewers, you one of them i assume. 

I understand Delena, god forbid if there is anything good to understand about it, and i understand the story and i understand the show and that is why i no longer watch or respect what it has become. I do not respect or like what this show is, and it has very little to do with the fact that Stelena is no longer together. There are 100 other reasons this show is absolutely disgusting and awful and should be off the air. It is you that does not understand the difference between good storytelling and bad storytelling. I hope you find that out soon. And i hope you get that disease of being a bitch cured, it would be such a shame to see you succumb to such treachery. 


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i see a lot of people saying stelena fans are probably happy that elena was complelled to forget that she loved damon…HA we could care less. we are more worried about how the show makes the past stelena relationship look like shit. we couldn’t even be happy about the complulsion for one minute because once again we lost something that meant something to us. UGH i just can’t with the show…why am i so obsessed with it!

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so Elena fell in love with Damon season 3 episode 1!?! I’ll never look at the episode the same again. To think I was so happy that Stefan finally called her and let her know that he was at least ALIVE and she said she loved him and basically said she wouldn’t give up on THEM…and her bitch ass claim she fell for DAMON THAT SAME NIGHT. I feel so hurt lol it’s sad like I am so upset about this little detail. I feel I invested too much into Stelena and it was all for NOTHING! The writing makes it seem like the relationship was NOTHING! Whatever it is what it is. I watched the show way too long to stop now but i swear i get upset every episode >.<