Make Me Cry...I'll Make You Bleed


It was Damon’s plan, to sit there, all bitter, and toast to someone’s death. So Elena joined in, remembering all the horrible things Katherine had done, even agreeing John deserved to get his fingers cut off, despite him being her father and giving his life for her. That’s who Damon makes Elena…

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  • the travelers thing seems like a cool storyline which means its going to be disregarded soon
  • awe elena packing to go look for stefan
  • delena kisses…sigh i guess
  • "i’m still gonna love you" sigh i guess
  • oh shitttt is the ripper coming back??? wait ahhhhhhhhh this is crazy no keep going..i cant wait until next week! FCKKK im excited!!!!!
  • Paul Wesley is MAKING this season! he is slaying this fcking season! bow the fck down ( too much? lol )

All of this…#stelenafeelings